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So…you like to color?

Too Old Too Color? Hell no!

Aren’t you a little too old for that?

There seems to be universal belief that becoming an adult means that you should no longer color, draw, and doodle. The majority seem to think that if you are not a child, then the only thing you should be creating is income.

Adults Should only be creating Income.


Maybe that’s not right.

Maybe cutting yourself off from your creative side once you reach a certain age is a really stupid and unhealthy idea.

And maybe the best thing an adult could do for themselves is to create art without feeling judged, intimidated, or pressured.

Let’s use technology to soothe ourselves instead of inciting a social-media-Candy-Crush fueled anxiety attack.

I’m John.

I make apps for people who like to color complex patterns. For people who would rather find the perfect color combination for a pattern instead of finding a psychologist to help them deal with stress. For people who like other people who like to color patterns too.

If this sounds like you, join our community over on Facebook.

Meet the JohnYoungApps family of Advanced Coloring Apps for Adults:

Coloring Advanced AppColoring Advanced: Huge selection of Dover-Style Coloring patterns with tons of color palettes to choose from. Available for iPad and iPhone. Free and premium versions!

Head over to iTunes and download it now!

Color like a boss