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Updating Coloring Apps

2016 Coloring apps will be updated.

colorful flower from Coloring Advanced Tangles app

New pages coming your way.

Coloring Advanced and CA Tangles will be getting facelifts in the coming weeks. Do they need it, no but I am removing the splash screen, moving the coloring palettes to the coloring page and inserting a “rate me” notifier. The notifier will ask that the user rates the app in the app store. Unfortunately the only people that rated the apps were ones that had some issues during the a glitch that I had when first developing. I hope everyone appreciates the changes and can relax and enjoy filling in their favorite patterns. Also, I will be working on a new app with only a few patterns that should be available in a month or so and a larger app with nearly 100 patterns to follow in the fall.

And if you’re going through a breakup I found an article on Huff Post about a coloring book for just that occasion.

Happy Coloring,



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