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Issues with new update! I am sorry to say that there are a few glitches with the new update. I am working to fix the saved patterns not able to erase, color over existing colors and shifting. However, I needed to update the pattern file size for other reasons so your past saved patterns may be gone for good. I did not think that part through but it will work out better in the long run, I promise. Also, my contact form was not working and I was not aware so if you sent in a comment and I did not reply, try again and I will reply promptly. I will update you when I know more……John

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  • Barbara Esteve August 4, 2016, 2:33 pm

    My work isn’t being saved. If I click on the tool in the lower right, it doesn’t matter if I select OK or Cancel to get back to the gallery, when I reopen the pattern all my work is gone. What am I doing wrong?

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